Unexpected return from initial read: Volume Corrupt,

so I turned on my computer this morning and instead of taking me to the dual boot screen to pick Ubuntu or Windows I got this error:

Unexpected return from initial read: Volume Corrupt buffersize 1000 Failed to load image \EFI\ubuntu\grubefi: Volume Corrupt start_image() returned Volume Corrupt

and then windows booted automatically. I explored askUbuntu and there are some similar cases however for them there is additional error messages that pop up followed by the blue screen of death. So, I didn't know if it would apply to me. Thanks, in advance

Answers 1

  • In Windows, if you installed a driver to be able to read/write to Linux ext2/3/4 disk partitions, then uninstall it asap, as it corrupts ext2/3/4 partitions.

    Lets quickly check your Ubuntu file system...

    • boot to a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB
    • open a terminal window
    • type sudo fdisk -l
    • identify the /dev/XXXX device name for your "Linux Filesystem"
    • type sudo fsck -f /dev/XXXX # replacing XXXX with the number you found earlier
    • repeat the fsck command if there were errors
    • type reboot

    Update #1:

    • use fdisk to identify the EFI partition. It should be a FAT partition.
    • sudo fsck.fat -a /dev/XXXX

    Update #2:

    Your EFI partition is not fixable by using fsck.fat. It's corrupt.

    You can try using Boot Repair, instructions are found here, and it may or may not, be able to fix the problem. You'll need a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB to proceed. Once booted to the Ubuntu Live DVD/USB, you may first wish to manually backup any important Ubuntu or Windows files to an external HDD.

    Otherwise you may have a hard disk problem. You can use the Disks application to review the HDD's SMART data, and test the drive, for more info.

    If that doesn't work, you'll either have to manually rebuild the EFI partition, or reinstall Ubuntu.

    Update #3:

    Boot Repair fixed the corrupted EFI partition, and the machine properly boots into Ubuntu again.

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