NOOB - advice on how to set up server - HPE Gen9

Hello all, after some advice please ....

I have a background in IT but fairly new to Ubuntu - I did dabble with an HPE Microserver a few years back but succumbed to a Windows server setup in the end.

I am now lucky enough to have the following [free] kit to play with:

1 HPE DL380 Gen9 server with 8 drive bays

Dual CPU (not sure of spec yet)

96MB ram

6 300GB SAS drives 

10 4TB SAS drives

It will be a home setup and I would like advice on how best to set it up. My initial thinking was 2x300GB drives in raid 1 for the OS and 6 x 4TB drives in Raid 5 for the data - split into various partitions for backups, photos, movies, music etc.

This would also leave me with a few spare drives in case (or "when" a drive fails etc) 

The plan is to start with a network backup device, with plex running to share music/photos/movies etc.

I would like to eventually (if possible) us part of the storage for IP CCTV - but that is a little bit further along the "road map" !

Web server ? yes, would like to dabble with setting up/hosting a website [just for fun, nothing fancy]

I'm still learning about the Ubuntu file structure - but the sort of issues/questions I have are along the lines of :

With the setup I outlined would a re install of the OS mean all the data on the 6x4TB drives remain intact afterwards,

Also, would things like firewall settings, SSH settings, users etc be retained after the re install ? - I'm guessing no for this are there files or folders I would need to backup/restore to maintain that sort of information ?

Sorry for the long post with multiple questions but I want to try and get it setup correctly on the first go (I currently have the server and 300GB disks - am awaiting the original data on the 4TB disks to be wiped) So the initial setup can be started, I hope !

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer - it will probably be a long journey but one I am looking forward to ! I am 60 this year and only just learned to code in VBA during this lockdown and am currently enjoying streamlining many spreadsheets at work !!

Stay safe

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