Sound problem in Firefox after upgrade to 18.04

High all!

After upgrading Ubuntu to Version 18.04 Firefox 60 has no sound when playing an mp4 video.

  • The same video has audio when played in Chrome.
  • Youtube videos have sound in Firefox.

The speaker symbol on the video screen is x-ed out and can not be changed.

Firefox is not shown as an Application in PulseAudio when the mp4 video is played.

Any ideas?

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  • This issue is not Ubuntu-related.

    I found out that seemingly Firefox cannot generally play that sort of mp4 video. People who use Firefox under Windows experienced the exact same issues with the video.

    Only by chance this happened to me right after upgrading Ubuntu which lead me on the wrong track.

  • I had exactly the same problem. Fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04 ("Bionic Beaver") today (May 27, 2018) - full fresh install wiping all files on single partition of my laptop hard drive, hence no chance of old settings hanging around. No problems with sound in any other instances.

    The answer was this old fix:

    No sound from Chrome, sound works fine in Firefox etc (13.10)

    Install pavucontrol from the Terminal:

    sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

    To open pavucontrol from the Terminal:


    Select the "Playback" menu and make sure that you have it set to Show Applications. Now, start playing something from Google Chrome. It will show up there, and it will show what output device is being used for Google Chrome. Make sure it is set to the output device you are trying to use.

    Just posting here to let everyone else know. Ubuntu and Chromium should know too, since the solution is more than 4 years old :)

    Thank you to everyone who posts their solutions here - you ladies and gents have helped me immensely with simple fixes many, many times. Thank you!

  • I use Lubuntu 14.04 in a 20-year old machine. I installed Firefox Quantum 63.0.3 on it. Nothing seemed to be working until I installed PulseAudio from the Lubuntu Software Center. Good luck.

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