Is lubuntu faster on a hard drive

Recently I put lubuntu on a usb stick to test out on my old acer aspire pro kava0, It has 2gb ram and an atom n270, Surpassing all of these system requirements the system ran a bit sluggish especially Firefox, so I was wondering whether this is due to the fact I am running this on a usb and that a usb is slower than a hard drive?

anyway thanks!

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  • USB 2.0 theorical maximum bandwidth is 480 Mbits/s where SATA III is 6 Gbits/s.

    So like you PC seems old and low hardware I assume you have a first price USB 2 sitck, a USB 2 bus, and a basic HDD 7200 rpm wired in SATA III. So in your case yes it will be a lot faster.

    USB 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 have higher bandwidth but don't forget you need both the key/stick and the computer bus to be in the same version or higher because you will always have the bandwidth of the slower version.

    Check USB and SATA speed on Wikipedia. Also you can check the answer of What downsides are there to running an OS off of a flash drive instead of a hard drive (USB 3.0 and 2.0) here.

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